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Cabrinha Twin Tip (or, how foiling Key West makes more wind options!)

As of late I have noticed the sport of kiteboarding and kitesurfing coming out of a lull and progressing again into the future. In the same day riding my Cabrinha Switchblade 12 meter on a X caliber twin tip and having a epic time riding with Key West locals and tourists the wind died off. Using the same kite I broke out the double agent foil and added 2 more hours to my session!

Winds and conditions always change, if you come prepared these days it’s endless. Light wind has always been a problem in the sport, or no wind. Foiling has made the range of riding grow by 10x. More freestyle kiters are now making the move to learn how to foil. I will be helping people accomplish this task by teaching foiling in 2018/2019 season. Let’s go have some fun in Key West together!