Reach for the Sky: The new sport of kitesurfing offers wind, waves, and the occasional bruise. (CNN, 2002)

Paul Menta classic kiteboarding article (2002)

How I Remember 2002 is as a controversial year–with 2-line kites being the dominate choice and 4-lines coming on the scene and people were taking sides.

With the 2 line kites you have no deposed and rode very powered up and unhooked for most tricks. But 4 line kites had the chicken loop, which let you sheet out the wind or deposed.

While this was all the talk, I was thinking more about business. “How do I make a living and support my son. What trends are things are needed in the sport? Safety? Easier to learn? Training instructors? Where to ride?”

Here is a good read that was done on me at that time in Fortune’s Small Business. Turns out it was a great way to better expose the sport, myself and kiteboarding in Key West and other countries to a bigger audience.

Paul Menta